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Yusuffor-cropped_copy Yusuf Hashim, yusufhashim
Gentleman of Leisure, Wannabe Photographer & Photography Teaching Pro
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Photographer for who are specialists in worldwide 4x4 & motorcycling expeditions.Traveled extensively in a 4x4,shooting pictures in >100 countries, including S.America, Africa, Russia, Europe, Kazakhstan, Mid-East, India, Pakistan,China, Australia,N.Zealand & ASEAN. Driven London-Malaysia twice,over Himalayas from Malaysia to India, photographed all the great Game Parks of Africa, Traversed & shot in all the great deserts of the world. Driven the Old Silk Road from Istanbul to Malaysia, Cape Town to Cairo to Morocco, and round South America. Yusuf is Administrator of, Malaysia’s largest on-line Photographic Community with 70,000 members. Online identity is Digitalartist. Yusuf teaches Photography & Post Processing at Malaysia’s Open University, & conducts photography workshops & teaching Photo Safaris to exotic International destinations. Visit to join one of Yusuf's PhotoSafaris. Or contact Yusuf at

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