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ebook (iPad iBooks format), 108 pgs
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  • Icon commentMarty Taylor July 24 2014, 07:27 PDT

    This is a simple download to your computer or Android SmartPhone IF you have installed an E-reader first! If you are downloading to an iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch or Mac computer, you simple hit one button and give it time to load in your Cloud or iBooks. Do not come here and write a comment saying you cannot download the book when you have not given it enough time to download. You are discouraging others from buying the book that is so easy to download. Hundreds of downloaded this book to their devices without any problems whatsoever and are enjoying it. Some of you who have added comments here, are trolls and have not even purchased the book. Please stop.
  • Icon commentDot52tie July 16 2014, 23:20 PDT

    I bought all ebooks but was not able to down load right away. I went to down load and it's not happening It's offering to sale me the book again. I'm trying to open and download it on my iPad using the iBook app
  • Icon commentR. D. Bennett June 20 2014, 15:52 PDT

    For anyone who has had any problems downloading my book because you are not quite computer savvy, do not hesitate to contact me. We have helped download hundreds of book without problems. Simple to do and we will walk you through it step by step.
  • Icon commentWyndex May 09 2014, 18:59 PDT

    I cannot download this book
  • Icon commentOpalj1 May 07 2014, 03:20 PDT

    I am unable to download thee book I bought yesterday..
  • Icon commentFmspring916 May 03 2014, 17:52 PDT

    The recipes in this book are original and delicious ! All of the Welcome Home cookbooks are full of wonderful recipes and are well worth the price.
  • Icon commentLori Morrow May 03 2014, 17:16 PDT

    I purchased this book, kathfaith and am looking at it right now. Not one recipe is on her page or anywhere else, so you are completely wrong about that.
  • Icon commentMarty Taylor May 03 2014, 16:48 PDT

    The recipes in this book do not appear on Facebook or any other site.
  • Icon commentkathfaith May 02 2014, 23:15 PDT

    check out her Welcome Home facebook page for the same plus more great recipes for free!