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  • Icon commentLori Morrow December 21 2013, 16:19 PST

    @ jgshill, igvanwink, You are not doing it correctly. I have downloaded all of the books and it is very simple. If you will email me @ lori.morrow@ymail.com I will walk you through it step by step.
  • Icon commentR. D. Bennett December 21 2013, 16:06 PST

    Please email me at welcomehome.mailbox@gmail.com and we will walk you through how to download. You need to click on the link sent to you by Blurb in your email by going to your apple device first. Then it will ask you if you want to download to iTunes or iBook. Go to your Order summary on Blurb and hit resend link. Then open the email in on your device and click on the link. Simple as that.
  • Icon commentjgshill November 13 2013, 20:21 PST

    It says safari cannot download this file
  • Icon commentjgshill November 13 2013, 20:19 PST

    I purchased the ebook and can't get it to download on my iPad. What should I do?
  • Icon commentlgvanwink October 28 2013, 08:45 PDT

    I purchased the ebook format for iBooks and its not loading? Please advise. Thanks! Lindi
  • Icon commentMarty Taylor October 25 2013, 19:29 PDT

    There is a 25% discount off any print book. Type in the code DISCOVER25 at check out.