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67817 398134963627613 1975965185 n Alex Coghe, alxcoghe
Mexico City, Distrito Federal, Mexico
Established Photographer currently based in Mexico City. Photographer especially of my impulses, visions and nightmares. Hot monochromatic, metropolitan animal, acid and minimalistic pen, bard of low-fidelity and the slums, all sarcasm and very little sanctity, I am rose and chrysanthemum, lost in a barrio of Mexico City, essentially a visual provoker switching between street photography , erotica and fashion. Alex Coghe

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  • Icon commentGabriele Lopez July 31 2013, 02:08 PDT

    Sharing our vision in such a free and friendly way is just something I'm really loving..
  • Icon commentAlex Coghe July 04 2013, 11:43 PDT

    I think is fantastic to be a parte of a talented collective of like minded photographers. I love the attitude and philosophy behind the project. It's so exciting to work together: this is a great team of friends!
  • Icon commentJonathan van Smit July 03 2013, 19:25 PDT

    noise (ebook) #1 'noise' is a project of the photographers Rob Clinton, Alex Coghe, John Hornbeck, Gabriele Lopez, Theodor Panorios, Michael Ernest Sweet, Jonathan Van Smit. http://store-au.blurb.com/ebooks/410599-noise