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Dsc03920a Peter Eerden, peerden
Internet R & D - Photographer - Writer
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Peter Eerden, born 1950 in the Netherlands, emigrated with his parents and siblings to Australia in 1956. His formative years were spent in South Australia though his adult years have seen him, in the main, a resident of Melbourne Victoria. Peter's early forays in writing centered around editorials and short stories for a number of local community organisations. His first book 'Teyde - A Bichon Frise' is a historical and pictorial account of a dog breed that entered Australia from England in 1975 and which were an abiding interest of his for more than 20 years. He married Patricia Birk in 2007 and through her encouragement entered a new chapter in his life with a developing interest in wildlife photography. He has travelled extensively and maintains a photoBOOK publishing company both here and in South Africa.

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