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Rachel carter weave blue eyes by chris hardy copyright 2010 rachel carter, bigwig25
ilkeston, derbyshire
The nature of Rachel's work is to design and create sculptural pieces for the garden or landscape setting, using mild steel and woven willow. Trained at The University of Derby in 3D Sustainable Design, she mixes her love of art and design, with her passion for the garden and the environment. New sculptures designed through the commission process are created and offered for sale through Galleries, Exhibitions as limited edition pieces. Inspiration for her work comes from plants within her own garden and trips to Botanical gardens and the English countryside. Nature creates beautiful fluid shapes and this finds its way into the shapes that she creates with willow and mild steel. Willow rods are entwined and woven onto a welded mild steel frame, which creates a structural skeleton for the sculpture. Using traditional methods of metal work and weaving to marry these two materials together creates endless possibilities for style, shape and use.

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