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Mike and spike Mike Hurley, wfuwp
Larkspur, Colorado USA
Mike’s underwater photography career spanned over 10 years. During that time he was working as a freelance writer/photographer specializing in the marine environment, recreational scuba diving, ecology, and marine sciences. Publishing credits span worldwide press including over 100 magazines, trade journals, educational materials, newspapers, advertising, and local and national cable television. Among the most notable are National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Outside, and US News and World Report. Dive press included Rodale’s Scuba Diving, Sport Diver, Dive Training, Scuba Times, Dive Travel and others. Mike’s work has received wide recognition and won awards in advertising photography and in underwater photo venues. His photographs were part of a traveling exhibit and displayed at the Smithsonian. Mike was a member of and has done pro-bono work for CORAL (Coral Reef Alliance) and Colorado’s Ocean Journey and he has been a guest speaker at dive industry trade shows and scuba events

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  • Icon commentsfarson March 18 2013, 16:41 PDT

    Mike, I remember hearing about your endeavors to complete this book. I must say, my already high expectations are exceeded, not only by the vivid images, but also by the wonderful words.
  • Icon commentrickramsey March 04 2013, 07:54 PST

    Mike, I really enjoyed the story about you flying the old airplane. Talk about seizing the moment! Knowing your appreciation for beauty and your excellent taste, I expect this book to be a treat for a whole lot of people.
  • Icon commentHughwmac March 03 2013, 12:24 PST

    This is amazing. Thank you for sharing your wonderful experiences.
  • Icon commentcimiluca28 March 02 2013, 17:51 PST

    Incredible pictures of the beautiful world that lives underwater. Spectacular work Mike - thanks for sharing.
  • Icon commentkrupp13 March 02 2013, 06:39 PST

    Spectacular photography Mike! You should be very proud of your work! Congrats!
  • Icon commentG1LLY March 01 2013, 21:20 PST

    Great images and a fresh insight into dive photography.... and thankfully there is a picture of a motorcycle as well! Great work Mike and Candice!!!!