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Bordeaux, France
In 2000 digital pictures came out. And the evidence, too. Then Nicolas Claris went out to take a few pictures. 
Without groping, without pretension, without hesitation, without fear, without vanity, without a doubt. With talent, with knowledge, with pleasure, with creativity, with seriousness, with jubilation too. Perfectionists amaze me or get on my nerves. With Nicolas Claris, I found out one could eventually like them! On his pictures, one can read a true concentration toward the subject, a real will to embellish it, an unquestionable envy to approach it. The sharpness, the brightness, the balance, all show an immense love. In the originality, in the unexpected, in the points of views, lie a raising pleasure. But the work never shows; that is all the force of his photos, that are never violent, always alive, where from emanates the serenity of those artists who know. He is a perfectionist. But un unpredictable perfectionist makes it all different! Bruno Belmont, Bénéteau Group

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