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Whim William H. Miller, whmiller
Artist, Digitalist, Photographer, Painter, Designer
Houston, TX USA
I create pictures in an effort to fulfill a desire to create and to explore my own sense of self. I love observation, and through my images try to show others how fulfilling it can be. Through seeing, observing, capturing, and then manipulating I create in my way “found art”. Our observations are who we are. We are creatures of our memories. The combining of digital images with those of painting, allow me to explore the physical art creation with the non-physical art (a.k.a digital art). This is my struggle and this is my playground – Painting versus Digital Art and the space in between. Artist at Winter Street Studios, Studio 17B, 2101 Winter Street, Houston, TX 77007

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    Now you can get an eBook version for basically the price of a cup of coffee! Send me a picture when you do!