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Palette Knife Impressionist Oil on Canvas Artist’s Biography James Pratt is a world renowned palette knife artist and is considered as one of the “Modern Masters.” James was born in Wellington, New Zealand and moved to Los Angeles in the early 1980’s. James and his wife, Beverly, are now living in a country home outside of Charleston, South Carolina. When not in South Carolina, they enjoy spending time at their home in Southern France. When referring to Pratt’s art work, his admirers say “you have either been there or you want to go there.” As a prominent fine art collector writes: “The work is very full of life and color and causes the viewer to feel inspired to want to travel, visit and have this kind of an experience. If not actually travel, then to enjoy that special adventure, vicariously, through the paintings that he has created.” While at his home in southern France, he spends time traveling to the village marketplaces, sea ports, and cafes throughout Europe

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