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I began loving/studying fine art/high fashion very young, I became a regular reader of GQ, Vanity Fair, Vogue, Taxi,etc...,and admirer of Ritts, Newton, Avedon, Mapplethorpe, Warhol, Leibovitz, Gorman, Webber, Scavullo, as well as La Chapelle and Pierre et Gille, etc.....I believe there is interest in every image , given the right model, a photograph can make you do many things, it can make you think, laugh, smile, cry, want, need, and of course it can make you wanna be the "model"! My main interest is male photography, . I do fashion, fitness, editorial style, commercial style, artistic, and nudes. I believe in the experimental, and think everyone should be photographed at least once in their life. Gorgeous photos and models! Your work is eye-popping and is incredible. Love your various ideas here; your creative mind is a work of art! RedHawk Photography Amazing and beautiful photos! You are one outstanding photographer and an inspiration to others like myself! Pinnacle Photo

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