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Bambolinadisegna Chiaramoriconi.com, sipiconi
Illustrator | Digital Painter
Rome, Italy
I was born in 1985. My father's Italian and my mother's Spanish. I live in Rome where I studied Spanish and English Translation at La Sapienza University. I am now getting my PhD in European Literature. I have always loved drawing and painting, but the graphic tablet I unexpectedly received as a present a few years ago finally unleashed all the colors of my imagination. My love for drawing has been much influenced by my studies of literature, and many of my characters represent my favourite poets and their works of art. And when i'm not drawing, I like to play and sing Spanish and SouthAmerican traditional songs.

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  • Icon commentChiaramoriconi.com July 20 2012, 02:42 PDT

    thank you!
  • Icon commentMrOrz July 20 2012, 02:34 PDT

    This is so cool! Every single face made me laugh! There are a huge variety of expressions!!