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Seoul, Korea & Calgary, Canada :: Biography :: Born and raised in Hermannstadt/Sibiu in the heart of central Romania, German artist Klaus S. Henning has lived in Southern Germany and in Eastern Canada since the late 80’s pursuing a career in electrical engineering and software development. As a craftsperson and artist, he is mostly self-taught and has been influenced by his surroundings and travels across Europe, North-America, and more specifically to Canada, Romania, Israel and India. Klaus has been a photographer for many years as well as having done drawings and paintings for about 23 years concentrating his efforts on china ink, collage and stained glass(tiffany)-style drawings. In the past couple of months Klaus has added ceramic pottery to his mix of interests. Klaus has spent 13 months in the Seoul Metropolitan Area and absorbed many vibrant cultural impressions from this magnificent country: Korea. Most recent experience: Thailand and Canada.

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